Gaesti EK

Studies to photovoltaic plants

Short Circuit, Protection Coordination, Electric arc, Load flow, Power Quality, Plant Control, Frequency variations, voltage variations, Network code compliance.


Gaesti EK

Studies to wind parks

The ability of our specialists allows us to collaborate in the different stages of the project, from the technical studies and analysis, to the concentrator substation in high voltage, as well as the rehabilitation, renovation and automation.


Gaesti EK

Studies to industrial plants

We are a 100% Mexican company specialized in Electrical Studies and Services in Industrial Installations, with a clear awareness of environmental protection, innovative mentality, comprehensive response and a high level of availability.


Gaesti EK


Monitoring and Analysis, Start-up, Preventive Maintenance, Electrical Substations, Retrofits, Boards, Transformers, relays, etc.

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Wind Power Industry

service 4

Electrical Industry

project 1

Electrical Studies

Short circuit analysis, Protection coordination, Load flow, Harmonic analysis, Voltage regulation, Protection against atmospheric discharges, Load flows, Power factor studies, Armonics analysis, Energy saving study.

• Short Circuit Study

• Protection Coordination Study

• Arc Flash study

• Load Flow Study

• Harmonics Study

• Studies and Design of land networks

• Energy quality studies

• Design of lightning protection systems

• Transient Stability Study

project 2

Current Transformers in medium and high Tension.

On-site transformer repair in a timely manner, so you can save costs and time.

• Mantenimiento, instalación y puesta en marcha

• Megger insulation resistance

• Ratio of transformation (TTR)

• Ohmic resistance

• Polarity

• Saturation

• Power factor to the isolations.

• Verification and calibration of protection relays

• Review and calibration of protection relays

• Revision and calibration of transformer instruments

• Sampling of insulating oil to carry out tests in a laboratory accredited to EMA.

project 3

Boards in Medium Tension.

Repair of medium and low tension boards on site in a timely manner, so that you save costs and time.

• Maintenance, installation and commissioning

• Insulation resistance

• High applied potential

• Insulation resistance in control wiring

• Current transformers

• Potential transformers

• Functional

project 4


Modernization of electrical equipment, is the conventional scheme of supply of new equipment, enriched through the joint work between customer and Schneider Electric who, through its sales departments and customer solutions, provides the service from the recommendation of the solution until the implementation of the integrated equipment, all under an atmosphere of understanding and professionalism.

• Inspection of existing equipment by the Department of GAESTI EK S.A DE C.V

• Offer development with the advisory, specification and respective quotation

• Supply of new equipment, with the approvals, certificates and quality tests of the equipment to be installed

• Withdrawal of the existing equipment coordinated with the end user according to their needs.

• Testing and start-up and operation of the new equipment

• On-site training according to the requirement

project 5

Maintenance of Electrical Substations

We give 100% maintenance in a professional manner, with highly trained personnel specialized in:

• Maintenance to electrical substations

• Maintenance to distribution and power transformers

• Capacitor banks

• Medium and high voltage power interruptions

• Measuring transformers (TC'S and TP'S)

• Starters

• Disconnector blades for group operation.

project 6

Preventive Maintenance

It is carried out according to the intervals determined by the manufacturer and the history obtained from the application of this maintenance, which mainly allows:

• Maintenance and testing services for power and distribution power substations.

• Transformer tests, insulation resistance, transformation ratio, ohmic resistance, dielectric strength of the oil, etc.

• Treatment to the insulating oil of the transformers, through microfiltration and high vacuum application.

• Change of packaging to repair leaks.

• Maintenance and adjustment of switches in low, medium and high voltage.

• Tests to resistance switches of cotact resistance of insulation, tripping tests, etc.

• Installation, programming, adjustment and testing of electromechanical protection relays, solid state and microprocessors.

• Electrical measurements of the regulated and normal voltage distribution boards.

project 7

Testing of commissioning

We are known for the acquisition of the best work tools, with a wide range of specialized measuring equipment, certified with state-of-the-art technology.

• Insulation resistance

• Ohmic resistance

• Transformation relation

• Power factor and excitation current

• Contact Resistance and Pole Disparity

• Measurement of earth systems, tension and density

• Internal inspection to transformers and monitoring of electrical parameters

project 8

Monitoring and Analysis of Electrical Parameters

The measurement of electrical parameters in three-phase power networks of commercial, industrial and power electrical systems.

• Voltage between lines

• Line to neutral voltage

• Earth current

• Peak demand

• Crest factor per phase

• Voltage unbalance per phase

• 3 phase total power Factpr

• Total reactive power 3 phases

• Percentage of harmonic distortion of voltage and current

• Power factor per phase

project 9

Power and Distribution Transformers

• Maintenance and installation and commissioning

• Transformation Ratio Testing (TTR)

• Insulation Resistance Tests (MEGGER)

• Testing of ohmic resistance of windings

• Ohmic resistance tests on connections

• Tests of power factor to the isolates

• Hot collar tests or capacitive tap on nozzles

• Excitation Current Testing

• Filters of insulating oil.

• Sampling of insulating oil for physicochemical analysis, detection of PCBs and dissolved combustible gases.

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  • Electrical Studies

  • Test Protection Relays

  • Modernization of electrical protections

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